Nathaniel Harding saw a gap in the venture capital world and has rushed to fill it. As he puts it:

“There’s a lot of opportunity with startups happening and a lot of innovation in various sectors enabled by technology in different forms. But there’s not enough organized capital investing in it. So you’re really seeing a supply and demand mismatch.”

Through his work at recently launched VC firm Cortado Ventures, he seeks to invest in the top tech startups in the region, in industries like energy, fintech, insurtech, aerospace, and more. He’s looking for technology that’s solving problems in the marketplace and has a use case in Oklahoma.

He talks about that in detail and also explains his experiences as founder and president of Oklahoma City-based Antioch Energy, community and business leader, and Air Force captain led him to develop a series of best practices related to entrepreneurship, business development, mergers and acquisitions, seeking funding for new ventures, and more.

Tune in to find out…

  • How his military experience shaped his leadership strategy
  • Key factors he looks for in companies when investing venture capital
  • The difference of small business versus venture investment
  • What technology will allow the next generation of entrepreneurs to achieve
  • And more

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