Venture Associate

The Venture Associate position at Cortado Ventures is an excellent opportunity for an early career professional looking to build a career in venture capital or startups, while having a tremendous impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Oklahoma and the broader Midcontinent region. This is a full-time role. 

The Associate will work alongside our investment team to source deals, conduct diligence, and put together investment memos and other investment related materials. For more info and to apply, click the Apply Now button.


Cortado interns will have the opportunity to experience the venture capital industry, interact with high growth startups, and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. Example of intern responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to: Conduct research to help with startup due diligence, prepare financial models for investment decision-making, assist portfolio companies with tasks and projects, and support the day-to-day needs of the firm by assisting with operational tasks as needed. 

Cortado Internship Applications for 2023 are open now! 

Venture Scout

The Cortado Venture Scout program is intended to increase top-of-the-funnel deal flow while building deep connections with founders and entrepreneurial ecosystem builders in Oklahoma and around the United States. A great scout has access to early-stage startups (pre-seed and seed) in Cortado’s target sectors that we may not otherwise see through its existing networks.


With over 30 investments in tech startups across the Midcontinent and the U.S., employment opportunities are abundant with some of the country’s fastest-growing startups. We invite you to join the Cortado Ventures startup community.


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