Cortado Ventures is pleased to announce it has funded Recuro Health, an integrated digital solutions platform for providing healthcare products and services to members through self-insured organizations. The Seed investment led by OLSF Ventures of Oklahoma will help Michael Gorton, founding CEO of Teladoc, and his team build out Recuro’s offerings to provide an integrated and robust approach to health management. Recuro will transform what was previously a reactive, disease-focused model to a population health, outcomes-focused approach. 

The Cortado Ventures fund is managed by partners Nathaniel Harding, David Woods, and Mike Moradi. The fund invests in early stage companies in a variety of Midcontinent sectors by aggregating and managing investor capital, and helps startups grow through seed funding, collaboration, and mentorship. The Cortado partners have launched the venture capital fund to build next generation companies which will bring future-ready technology jobs to the region. 

Recuro Health is a digital health startup designed to provide a “digital medical home” for patients, by providing a suite of offerings to make health maintenance and improvement easy and effective, while inspiring members to live healthier lives. The Recuro Health system will provide products, tools, analytics, and services for patients at various intervals in a patient’s medical health journey. Ultimately, Recuro’s care model should gradually reduce the need for acute, episodic care. 

“We intend to disrupt the traditional healthcare delivery system by bridging the gap between the current system and digital health,” says Gorton, CEO and founder of Recuro Health. “This requires a deep understanding of the current challenges facing healthcare, along with a proven ability to impact the industry. We are building infrastructure and partnerships to support care delivery in every setting, across the entire patient journey, minimizing the need for acute, episodic care by providing the digital keys to member health.” 

Nathaniel Harding, Managing Partner of Cortado Ventures, said, “Recuro’s innovative approach to integrated health offerings is going to be a transformational catalyst in the healthcare industry. Recuro has the key leadership, business intelligence, and industry positioning to scale quickly in the digital health market, which is on track to triple over the next three years.” 

Gorton says, “This oversubscribed round of funding and interest in our subsequent round demonstrate the support of our investors and confidence in our management team to build yet another industry-transforming company in the digital health space. The platform combines digital health with a patient-centered medical home. We are creating an easy, personal and economic solution for patients, employers and payers.” 

Recuro Founder Michael Gorton brings immense experience with entrepreneurship and digital healthcare innovation: as founding CEO of Teladoc, he oversaw the development of one of the most recognized innovations in healthcare with over a million patient members nationwide and was named by MIT as one of the Top 50 Smartest Companies in the world. Cortado Ventures will support Recuro as it expands its suite of offerings before launching its initial product to over 500,000 members. 

About Cortado Ventures 

Cortado Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm investing in ambitious, growth-driven companies to define a new generation of economic prosperity for Oklahoma and the immediate region. 

About Recuro Health 

Serving employers, providers and managed care organizations, Recuro Health delivers value throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Digital and virtual services leverage aggregated data to direct users to achieve effective and efficient offerings. By evaluating outcomes and compliance together, Recuro provides appropriate referrals and recommendations. www.recurohealth.com