“Three guys walk into a bar”…  A biopharma entrepreneur, an oil/gas founder/president, and a business owner/strategist.

When they were told “you can’t create a successful venture capital company in Oklahoma, they said, ‘Hold my beer’!”   (Actually, I think it was a fine scotch.)

Three years later, Cortado Ventures was successfully launched.

Although the three of us have uniquely different backgrounds, we’ve all been CEOs and have successfully grown businesses from nothing into something.

Those transformative skills are exactly what we’re looking for in entrepreneurs with fascinating ideas.

WHAT IT TAKES:  Great ideas or products or services aren’t the only thing it takes to create a successful company.   Successful entrepreneurs have the following attributes:

  • Tenacity:  The ability to keep on going at about the time everyone else quits.
  • Pivoting:  They can recognize when their business model needs to adjust to the winds of new opportunities.
  • Experience:  They know how to surround themselves with people that are smarter than they are.
  • Leadership:  They know how to get their team on the same page so that mountains can be moved.
  • Luck and Timing:  Yes, there is still a need for this in any venture!

Cortado Ventures is looking for entrepreneurs with the above qualities, along with a great idea!

Cash is the great accelerator for entrepreneurs.   Cortado Ventures is primed and ready to accelerate the growth of Oklahoma entrepreneurs.

PARTNER, MENTOR, FUND:  If you’re reading this, we hope you’ll send some great entrepreneurs our way.   We looking to partner, mentor and fund!

David Woods, Co-Founder of Cortado Ventures