June 13, 2024

Contact: Anthony Triana


Cortado Ventures invests in energy tech startup Fluid Efficiency

Fluid Efficiency uses MegaSupraMolecules™ to make fuels safer, improve the performance of lubricants and make fluids easier to move through pipelines


OKLAHOMA CITY — Cortado Ventures has invested in fluid dynamics technology company Fluid Efficiency, which has developed MegaSupraMolecules™ (MSM™) engineered to make fuels safer, improve the performance of lubricants and make fluids easier to move through pipelines. 

Fluid Efficiency’s founders worked for over a decade to develop MSMs a suite of materials that achieve shear-stable rheological effects in a variety of scenarios. They offer a single-injection solution for pipeline flow, significantly reducing costs and re-injection needs compared to traditional flow improvers. These innovative materials are effective in refined products, light, medium, and heavy crudes and maintain stability under real-world pipeline conditions, enhancing throughput and efficiency.

“Fluid Efficiency’s pioneering innovations are revolutionizing pipeline maintenance, and making fuels both safer and more efficient,” said Cortado Ventures’ Managing Partner Nathaniel Harding. “The oil and gas industry is integral to Oklahoma, so Cortado is excited to invest in innovative technologies that will benefit Oklahomans, and improve efficiency, sustainability and environmental impact in the energy industry and beyond.”

Fluid Efficiency was founded by a team of visionary chemical engineers with a groundbreaking idea – to revolutionize fuel safety and the way fluids are transported in pipelines. Starting at Caltech, the founders dedicated years of research to create the MSM technology. Today, Fluid Efficiency is at the forefront of transforming industries with their innovative Single Injection Flow Improver technology and other MSM applications. 

“We’re excited to see the work that we’ve invested so much time in at Fluid Efficiency be recognized by Cortado,” said Simon Jones, founder and CEO at Fluid Efficiency. “The investment will allow us to continue to pioneer our MSMs and launch them into field applications.”


About Cortado Ventures:

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About Fluid Efficiency:

Fluid Efficiency is a Caltech spin-out that makes lubricants, fuels and oils safer, longer-lasting and more efficient to transport. Their core products are self-assembling polymer additives that modify viscosity, reduce explosiveness, and improve pumpability, with vastly improved shear stability and usable lifetime. For more information visit