Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

In this month’s Doubleshot Newsletter, you will find:

  • Builder Highlight: Capital Factory
  • LP Highlight: WatersEdge
  • Team Highlight: Summer Interns
  • Cortado News
  • PortCo Updates
  • Ecosystem News & Events

Builder Highlight: Capital Factory

Founded in 2010, Capital Factory stands as an epicenter of entrepreneurial spirit in Texas. The Austin-based hub for ambitious innovators, this pioneering company propels entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers to unparalleled heights. With its influence spanning across Dallas to Houston and beyond, Capital Factory empowers visionary minds to amplify the success of their ventures. Fueled by a vibrant community, extensive resources, and cutting-edge programs, Capital Factory unlocks opportunities for growth, collaboration, and breakthroughs. Read more here.

LP Highlight: WatersEdge

We are happy to highlight WatersEdge as this month’s LP highlight. As an institutional investor, WatersEdge employs investment strategies that maximize charitable distributions, and powerful financial services that provide churches with tools to facilitate growth. WatersEdge investment aims to revolutionize industries and create opportunities that enhance the lives of individuals across Oklahoma. Read more here.

Team Highlight:

Welcoming our summer interns: Chandler and Robert

Cortado is happy to welcome two interns this summer, who both are joining Divyen Patel, who has served as a spring and summer intern for our organization.

Chandler Coleman, Platform Intern

Chandler, a graduating senior at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) pursuing a Mass Communication degree with a focus on Professional Media, hails from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Throughout his college years, Chandler has gained valuable work experience with notable organizations like Twin Hill Country Club and the Thunder Basketball organization, where he served as an intern. Chandler has actively engaged in a range of activities including Black Male Initiative (BMI) and the Black Student Association (BSA).

Robert Owens III, Investment Intern

Robert is a senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma, Robert has always expressed great interest in innovation and creativity. Robert has gained many corporate skills and experiences over the years holding important positions on campus such as Philanthropy chair for the Engineering Student Council and Vice president of student giving campaigns for the OSU Student Foundation.

Cortado News:

Oklahoma City Mayor visits Cortado Ventures

This past month, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt paid a visit to The Verge OKC, the hub of entrepreneurship connections in OKC. We were honored to support as a partner host by providing an opportunity to showcase the collaborative work that we as investors are doing with entrepreneurs and other ecosystem builders.

Harding featured guest columnist for The Oklahoman

“Regional leaders know, and national leaders are about to find out, that investing here and now in the Midcontinent is the next great opportunity.” Our managing partner Nathaniel Harding writes in The Oklahoman. Harding emphasizes the growth of funders across the Midcontinent. Read more here.

Join Nathaniel at TechCrunch Disrupt (50% Off Passes)

We’re excited to announce that our managing partner Nathaniel Harding and Atento Capital‘s CEO/GP Michael Basch have been invited to speak about “Why Coastal Tech Hubs Should Pay Attention to the Innovation Happening in the Midcontinent” at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 on September 19-21 in San Francisco. Nathaniel would love to see you there!

Disrupt draws more than 10,000 game-changing founders, CEOs, VCs and tech leaders across the startup ecosystem. You’ll hear interviews with trailblazers from Airbnb, Instacart, Visa, Google and more. Don’t miss the six new industry stages featuring the leading voices in AI, Fintech, Hardware, SaaS, Security and Sustainability. There’s something for everyone at Disrupt!

Purchase your tickets now and save 50% on all pass types.

Founder Hour: Thank You for Joining Us!

Thanks to all of our attendees for our recent Founder Hour event. It was an incredible gathering that brought together a diverse community of visionaries, pioneers, and catalysts from the entrepreneurial world.

Fund II Reception: General Partner Mike Moradi’s Toasting

Cortado’s Fund II Reception was a nostalgic journey, bridging the past and the future. We raise our glasses in heartfelt gratitude to those who joined us, whether in person or in spirit.

To our Founders, to the CEOs and teams backed by Cortado, you are the reason we exist, and our mission is to help you achieve the impossible. If we can accomplish this one overarching goal, we will have an outsized impact on humanity, we will build lasting institutions that become household names, & outsized financial returns will follow.

To our Limited Partners, just as the craftsmanship of whiskey requires years of dedication, your seasoned mentorship imparts wisdom, guidance, and refinement to our journey. To those who have selflessly shared their capital and expertise, thank you for being the guiding hand that enriched our path.

To our Team, just as a well-aged whiskey mellows over time, so do the bonds of friendship and camaraderie. We appreciate your late nights, early mornings, and last-minute travels. You are the future of this firm, and we could not do this without you.  Cheers to all!

Portco News:

The Oklahoman features Mate Fertility: IVF ‘best of both worlds’ for this couple starting their family

Last month, The Oklahoman featured Mate Fertility and its flagship clinic in Oklahoma City as it is working to make parenthood accessible and affordable for ALL families. The story featured the Ware Family as patients who have benefitted from the services provided at the clinic. Read the story here.

Charu Thomas featured on Forbes

Forbes featured Ox’s CEO, Charu Thomas, recognizing her exceptional work ethic and profound understanding of the value of discipline in today’s business landscape, The article not only commended her leadership but also shed light on her perspective on the myths surrounding Gen Z workers. Read more here.

Allison Watkins: Unveiling the Connection Between Work Ethics and Family Values

Allison L. Watkins, founder of Watkins-Conti Products, emphasized the importance of being open to feedback and iterating on ideas, stating, ‘Where you start does not have to be where you end up.’ In her insightful feature in Authority Magazine, she shared her remarkable journey, transitioning from a mother to a CEO of a thriving company. Driven by her own experiences and commitment to improving women’s healthcare, she created a medical device that would help improve the lives of women with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Read more here.

Nuview expands their reach

Clint Graumannn NUVIEW

NuView’s recent expansion in Lake Nona, Orlando has resulted in the creation of over 80 new positions. This significant growth comes at an opportune time as NuView secured a U.S. Department of Defense contract in May, providing them with the ability to expand their operations beyond domestic borders and extend their global influence through LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology. Read more here.

Revolutionizing Surgery: AI-Powered Innovations in the Operating Room

In recent years, AI has gained significant traction in healthcare, transforming administrative tasks and clinical decision support. However, its true potential is now being realized in the operating room. Join Tommy as he engages in a conversation with Nathaniel Smith and Dr. Derek Amanatullah, the Founders of nSight Surgical. Driven by their expertise in orthopedic surgery and design, they are leveraging computer vision and AI to enhance surgical procedures. Discover how they united to address the existing challenges in surgery, striving to create a more efficient and effective future for operating rooms. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

Ecosystem News & Events:

OKC Tech++

OKC tech++ Summer 2023

Brought to you by members of our OKC tech & startup communities and Dunlap Codding, join us for OKC Tech++ event, a tech, startup and entrepreneurship mixer on July 26th from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Dunlap Codding. Register here.

Techlahoma’s UXOK

Dive into the world of user experience at the upcoming UXOK Design Conference on Friday, August 11th. Connect with industry leaders, explore informative sessions on the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in UX design, and expand your professional network. Hosted by the Techlahoma Foundation, you can find more info here.