Tulsa based Boddle is an edtech company with a math-based computer game for students, and is developing a curriculum agnostic and marketplace platform. They have reached several promising milestones, including growing to over 3,525 Daily Active Users on the platform. They now have more than 368,000 registered users. With this investment, Cortado is capitalizing on the global move to online education. We have been very impressed with the founding team with their background in gaming and their ability to earn adoption within the education community. Cortado is poised to help with our team and network’s connections in the largest school districts in the state. Founders Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan have built an engaging platform for math students, transforming math with a 3D math game that makes learning fun and personalized. Boddle uses AI to adapt and tailor practice and learning content to the right level for each child.