Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

In this month’s Doubleshot Newsletter, you will find:

  • Builder Highlight: OKC Startup Census
  • LP Highlight: Jay Wallace
  • PortCo News
  • Cortado News
  • Ecosystem News & Events

Builder Highlight: OKC Startup Census

Partnered with The Verge OKC, the ongoing OKC Regional Startup Census tracks local businesses, aiding informed resource allocation, policy decisions, and investment. The goal is an indexed measure of scalable ventures boosting the region’s economic profile and employment landscape. Survey findings will guide bridging gaps in our entrepreneurial ecosystem for sustained growth.

LP Highlight: Jay Wallace

This month, Cortado Ventures would like to highlight Jay Wallace as one of our Limited Partners (LPs). Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jay received his education from the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Oklahoma. Since then, Jay has worked in tech roles for various companies including HashiCorp, where he was one of the first 10 hires; and Nike. Today, he has worked for DoorDash for nearly 6 years, now leading the company’s cloud platform teams.

Jay is also an operator angel, who invests in ambitious founders that are building a future where people work less and creativity is fostered. Jay’s unique experience as an operator angel lends his expertise to the Cortado team as we source and consider new opportunities and investments. We are fortunate to have LPs like Jay in our network that believe in startups that will change the world for the better.

Portco News

New Investment Alert: Teren

We are thrilled to announce our recent investment in Teren. Teren’s climate resilience platform identifies and handles risks like earth movement, severe weather, and wildfires, while simplifying the process of building, running, and insuring durable land and infrastructure against natural challenges.

Forbes features Edna Martinson

Edna Martinson, co-founder of Boddle Learning, was featured in Forbes for her journey from being named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2023, attending college at 16, to meeting her husband and co-founder, Clarence Tan, in graduate school. Read her insightful journey here.

Forbes: NUVIEW Aims to Map Earth in 3D Using LiDAR

NUVIEW gained recognition in a recent Forbes feature for its groundbreaking achievement in deciphering the potential of LiDAR technology. The article highlights NVUIEW’s ingenious utilization of LiDAR’s dimensions, affordability, and cost-effectiveness. This is only a glimpse of the advancements NUVIEW has unlocked with LiDAR, showcasing the true extent of their innovation and ingenuity. Read more here.

Myri Health presents at Techstars Demo Day

Cortado Ventures portfolio company founder, Dr. Pinkey Patel of the postpartum rehab & support app, Myri Health, particoate in the latest class of Build in Tulsa’s Techstars program. This month, it hosted its Demo Day, where Patel spoke about her company which specializes in nurturing an inclusive, affordable, and supportive community to help mothers and babies thrive.

Cortado News

Cortado Ventures Named Finance Innovator of the Year

405 Business Magazine has named Cortado Ventures as the Finance Innovator of the Year as a part of its Innovator Awards. New ideas, new products and new ways to approach problems are what alter, advance and propel companies forward. 405 Business Magazine editorial team selected the recipients of the 2023 Innovator Awards to focus on the innovators working throughout Oklahoma to push our companies, products and thinking forward. Read more here.

Insights: AI Beyond ChatGPT

Of course you’ve heard of ChatGPT. It’s the talk around town when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yet, AI has more use than simply being generative. Our Managing Partner Nathaniel Harding explains AI and its use beyond generative software and how it’s transforming real-life industries. Proudly, we invest in pioneering companies utilizing future technologies for positive impacts on people and the planet. Read more here.

Insights: NUVIEW: Revolutionizing Satellite LiDAR for a Sustainable Future

NUVIEW leverages the advantages of LiDAR over radar and optical Images,” writes Cody Merrill in his blog explaining NUVIEW’s investment rationale and the transformative impact of LiDAR on the future of aerial images. Read more on this insightful look into the impact of NUVIEW.

Ecosystem News

gener8tor OKC Accelerators Accepting Applications

Calling all startups! The gener8tor’s gBeta and investment accelerator programs offer startups the opportunity to seek investment while receiving personalized coaching and mentorship. Don’t miss this incredible chance to take your business to new heights! This summer’s gener8tor OKC showcase was attended by numerous founders and entrepreneurs.

Click here for more info and apply for gBeta accelerator. Deadline Sept. 18th

Click here for more info and apply for gener8tor investment accelerator. Deadline Oct. 15th

Techlahoma’s Tech-No-Gala

Join Techlahoma for its first-ever Tech-No-Gala by Techlahoma. Break free from formalities and embrace the night in your own style for pure fun and networking with fellow tech aficionados! This event is a fundraiser that fuels our mission to nurture a thriving tech community right here in Oklahoma Science Museum. Register here.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau selects 12 businesses

Oklahoma Farm Bureau has picked 12 rural businesses for Grassroots Rural and Ag Business Accelerators. This program, in collaboration with partners, fosters local innovators and economic opportunities. Startups from smaller communities underwent a business bootcamp for learning basics and best practices. Read more here.

Black Venture Institute

The Black Venture Institute empowers Black operators and executives to become angel investors, scouts, and venture investors, providing them with invaluable knowledge and connections within the venture capital ecosystem. A lineup of distinguished business leaders will share insights, while UC Berkeley professors will bestow invaluable tools, empowering attendees to return to their enterprises brimming with confidence and poised for triumph. Find more info and apply here.