Why is Oklahoma becoming the “go-to” state for Entrepreneurs and Investors?

Home-grown Entrepreneurs are blossoming in Oklahoma, and other amazing entrepreneurs have discovered how Oklahoma is the perfect location for their business.  Investors inside and outside of Oklahoma are investing here.  Why?  Well, there are certainly many notable reasons, such as great entrepreneurs, the cost of living, great schools, an infrastructure that support entrepreneurs and investors anxious to invest.

However, one aspect that some overlook is Oklahoma’s culture of “trust”.  I’m a believer that “trust” is the most important currency in business.  If we trust each other, we can gain velocity, which is something most entrepreneurs need.  

“Trust” is created by the combination of Character and Competence.

Just because you’re smart (aka competent), doesn’t mean I can trust you.  When you combine character and competence together, you have trust.  We are Oklahoma, where a handshake still means something… where “I’ll do it” is as strong as a contract… where “Helping others” is authentic, not just a transaction. 

Oklahomans are known as being “Salt of the Earth”, which is defined as: “An individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest elements of society.”

I’ve been able to be the CEO of several companies, and have been fortunate that each one of them had an environment of trust.  Organizations in which everyone lives by, “My word is my bond”.  

The ultimate test of trust, is living by the credo, “We do what’s right, even if it hurts.”  Oklahomans get that.  A recent example was when an employee at Goodwill found $40,000 and notified her supervisor.   That’s Oklahoma.

Entrepreneurs and Investors need an infrastructure they can trust.  And, Oklahoma has that!



David Woods is the CEO of Magellan Executive Partners (www.MagellanExecutivePartners.com) and Co-founder and Partner at Cortado Ventures (www.Cortado.Ventures).